To substantiate your expertise in implant dentistry through a verifiable credentialing process, the International Dental Implant AssociationFellowship Certification is the place to begin. The Fellowship certificate communicates to your patients that you are an experienced, dedicated and credentialed implant professional.

Fellowship Certification Requirements:
  • Attend a Live Patient course and obtain 30 hours of course credits from Implant Seminars or other dental implant approved courses.
  • Must submit completed CE forms, copy of certificate of completion and any other documentation that these hours have been achieved or Complete 3 of the 6 below
  • Submit (25) completed implant cases with full documentation (i.e. outline each case and include photos via digital or panoramic)
  • Successfully pass the Fellowship multiple choice and oral examination.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from current International Dental Implant Association Diplomate.
  • Author or co-author an article or case report on implant dentistry.
  • Practice implant dentistry for at least 5 years.
  • Attend the Annual Symposium induction ceremony.
  • Obtain 30 hours of implant related continuing education
  • Submit 25 completed implant cases (waived when you attend Implant Seminar’s Live Patient program)
  • Pass Fellowship exam
  • Attend annual symposium within 2 years

International Dental Implant Association Fellows must maintain their membership in good standing by attending at least one International Dental Implant Association sponsored meeting every two years.

How to apply

You can apply online by clicking Apply Here! Button


Click Here to Download the Fellowship Application in PDF

You may scan and email or fax the application to:

Fax: 305-397-2830

Applications are evaluated and processed by the Advanced Credentials Committee each month. Those persons who apply for membership or additional credentials have the opportunity to be presented with their appropriate award credential at any International Dental Implant Association sponsored conference.

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